Operation Helping Heroes

Operation Helping Heroes
Hosted By On Top of the World

By Taci Clay

On Top of the World has joined forces with SOF Missions to present Operation Helping Heroes, a two-day charity event to be held this Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 10 and Nov. 11.  The fundraiser supports SOF Missions, a non-profit organization whose objective is creating awareness for the problems facing our nation’s military veterans.  The goal for Operation Helping Heroes is to provide financial support for SOF Missions “Resiliency Project,” a holistic, four-component program that exists to tackle post-traumatic stress disorder and put warriors on a path to wellness. 

Highlights of the weekend include an evening celebration gala and keynote address by SOF Missions president and decorated combat veteran Dr. Damon Friedman, followed the next day by a charity golf tournament at Candler Hills Golf Club. Dr. Damon Friedman, who served in special operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, founded SOF Missions in 2011. Dr. Friedman knows first-hand the struggles facing veterans returning home from combat, and is fully engaged in making a difference by sharing his inspiring and powerful life story with the world as both a public speaker and special guest at veteran’s events.

During Operation Helping Heroes guests will enjoy an elegant fundraising gala Sunday, Nov. 10.  The gala will include a catered dinner and dynamic keynote address delivered by Dr. Friedman and also feature testimonials from distinguished combat veterans.  Then, Monday, Nov. 11 to commemorate Veterans Day, an 18-hole fundraising golf tournament at Candler Hills Golf Club will begin with a catered breakfast and welcome statement from Dr. Friedman.  The tournament will wrap up with a catered luncheon and awards presentation.  All proceeds raised from the gala and golf tournament will go to SOF Missions to empower warriors to find purpose, be resilient and live well. 

Sponsors will find this event to be an incredible opportunity to gain exposure for their business while raising funds to support our nation’s heroes.  Marion County has one of the largest veteran populations in the country, with over 36,000 retired and active veterans calling this area home, so attendance for the event is sure to be high. Now is the time to get involved by becoming a sponsor, reserving your table at the gala or signing up to play a round of golf.  Contributions and sponsorship opportunities start at just $75.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Operation: Helping Heroes,” states Linda Massarella, vice president of marketing and technology communications at On Top of the World. “SOF Missions is making a difference in the lives of our nation’s heroes who are struggling with the scars of war by providing a comprehensive program that enables them to overcome the negative impacts of combat.”

For more information on how to participate in this unique opportunity or details on how to contribute, visit OperationHelpingHeroes.com

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